Culinary Feast

Uczta Qulinarna Uczta Qulinarna
The Qulinary Feast is a line of beef products developed especially for our clients. In order to meet the high requirements and expectations of consumers, Sokołów analyzed the changing trends and prepared an exceptional offer. „Beef” is a general term denoting meat obtained from cattle, primarily slaughter bulls and heifers aged above one year. It enjoys a special place in the European and American cuisine, and is also one of the most popular kinds of meat consumed world-wide. Unfortunately, it is underappreciated in Poland, as its diverse culinary applications are little known. Nevertheless, it is a noble kind of meat and very valuable in terms of nutritional properties. In light of the above, SOKOŁÓW SA engaged in extensive activities meant to bring beef to the Polish tables much more frequently. An in-depth analysis of the main global markets has been conducted. The research covered breeding of cattle, the offer of and culinary applications for beef in South America, the USA, New Zealand and Europe. On the basis of the acquired knowledge and the experience of renowned chefs, a brand-new line of beef products has been created, under the name “Qulinary Feast”. It covers a wide range of boned and boneless meat cuts, offered as entire elements and as smaller portions. To improve the tenderness and tastiness of beef, it is matured in special rooms with appropriate temperature and humidity. The Sokołów beef is produced in our branches in Koło and Tarnów. Our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art production lines, and the process itself follows world standards. The meat is obtained from cattle bred only at Polish farms. SOKOŁÓW SA is committed to ensuring high level of animal welfare, which affects the taste of the final product. The safety and high standard of the SOKOŁÓW beef is guaranteed by our Quality Management System and by constant veterinary supervision, which is additionally confirmed by the BRC and IFS certificates that we hold. Products sold under the „Qulinary Feast” brand are made of succulent and tender beef of guaranteed quality.